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Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are a small temporary text file that the server can save on the hard drive of a computer to store some type of information about the user, such as the behavior of said user for their pages.

Do cookies allow access to my personal data?

Cookies are associated with an anonymous user and his computer, and with them it will never be possible to deduce the user's first and last name or read data from his hard drive. Nor will we have access to the information of the Cookies installed from other servers on the user's hard drive.

Can they contain viruses?

It is not an executable file and it cannot spread or contain a virus. In addition, they have an expiration date that varies depending on the session time until a certain point in time. Once this period expires, Cookies expire.

What are they for? and Why should I accept them?

Its main objective is to facilitate navigation for the user and to be able to obtain greater efficiency and personalization of the services offered. Cookies provide website administrators with statistical information that Google transmits to us completely anonymously, and that we use in order to improve and manage our website more efficiently and thus improve the user experience. For example, we can know, thanks to these anonymous text files, which pages within the website are most visited.

Can I reject them? What consequences can this rejection have?

You, as a user, can configure your browser to accept or reject Cookies by default or to receive an on-screen notice of the receipt of each of them. Likewise, you can configure in your browser to reject all Cookies or only those of a specific website. The recommendation of mWeb.es is that you activate them, in order to improve your experience, as we indicated in the previous sections. Also, keep in mind that blocking Cookies may prevent access to certain websites or some functions.

If I have already accepted them, can I delete them?

You can eliminate Cookies easily through the browser, although you must bear in mind that this action will affect user preferences. Although our recommendation is that you do not do it, in order to achieve our goal of improving your experience we explain below how to do it in the different browsers.

  • Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options, and then to the Privacy tab, in the General tab you can delete cookies and the history with the pages visited. Internet Explorer 8 includes the In Private browsing mode that prevents the browser from storing cookies, temporary Internet files, history and other data.
  • Mozilla Firefox, in the Tools menu we select Options, and finally, Privacy from where the user can decide which cookies she accepts, from whom and for how long she wants to store them on her computer. Also, if you press the delete cookies button individually, you access another menu that allows you to delete these files from the computer. Firefox 3.5 also includes the possibility of private browsing from the tools menu.
  • Google Chrome, go to the Tools menu, then to Options, and click on the Advanced tab and go to the Security section, from Cookie Settings, click on the Show cookies button and delete all cookies from the list, by doing Click the Delete All button. You can also delete all the cookies that you have created in a certain period with the option Delete browsing data from the Tools menu.
  • Opera (Windows), select the Tools menu, go to delete personal information, then click again on Detailed options, select Delete all traces, uncheck the box for the rest of the Private data options that you do not want to delete and click on Delete.
  • Safari (Windows), select the Edit menu, then go to Preferences, then Security, show cookies, click on Delete all and accept to close the list of cookies.

If you do not perform any of the actions indicated in the previous sections and continue to use this website, we understand that you accept the use we make of them for the specified purposes above.